This (song) is (for) me EP

by This is me.

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This is a live session preview of my new songs.


released June 4, 2011

C'est grinch il a fait le son. Et c'est christophe il m'a laché la guitare contre trois nems.




This is me. Laval, France

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Track Name: Gambade
It smells like south eastern roads.
This day seems perfect as it goes.
The bright sun lights my face through the window.
I've never asked for something more.

Engine roaring for road to eat.
Never satiated it won't let us breathe.
And the miles passing faster than they seem.
Never mind the cage we are in.

And even the clouds, heading to the north
Won't ever make me feel as bad as before.
Won't avoid us to live a little bit more.

Cause we're road sailors.
Track Name: Lonewolf
Rush off the tree and pray for the dirt
To not weight on the wings you barely open
So whristles the wind, sneaking into green leaves.

And fly among the thieves that won't give you back
The trust you lost somewhere so far
So farewell young man
The bird's turned into a lonewolf

It burns and you don't say a word.
Track Name: Doe
Heavier is the sleep of the lucky ones laying on their gold
Longer is the night for those still looking for gold to lay on
Maybe i'm the one to blame, the source of my own sorrows
But maybe i ain't different than all of you at all.

Anger is the only friend, faithful and simple.
Loneliness guards my soul

This bottle keeps following me and i ain't no shy old man.
No long conversations, she doesn't ask me to explain.
One narrow kiss, dead moments starting again.
And for some hours, i'm not anymore the one to blame.

Anger is the only friend, faithful and simple
Loneliness guards my soul.
Forget my name and i'll make you pay.
I don't wanna be the no-name man as you don't wanna be me.

A family and a house
A place in a sincere heart
A totally other path,
The smiles of my children,
A name on a postcard
Reminding me of some friends
A souvenir of a town
Other than a trashbin
And i'll make you understand

Say my name again.
Track Name: Going down
Maybe i ain't no full time lover
The dust laying on my poems makes them look older
I carried them home barely knowing what they say
But i forgot half of the words that used to be
You know i'm going down.

Maybe she ain't no full time believer
It looks like she prays not anymore for me
Too many gods and i am not better than them
All that i want is to keep her under my wing
You know i'm going down

She's holding a gun poiting to my heart
If only i knew i could tell you what this story's about.
And i ain't new in the business
She won't give me no sweety rest
She's already shot me a few times
I should have understood she's not mine
You know i'm going down

I'm alone in this six-string home
Watching ghosts chaining me up to this role
And i won't stay chained and abandonned
While i see my stories unknown.